« Thank you for your confidence in our team » – Robert Myles

Option Longueuil swept the board in Greenfield Park in the November 5th election where the full slate of Option Longueuil candidates obtained a very significant majority of the votes: Robert Myles, Borough President; Peter Doonan, borough councilor region 1; and Wade Wilson, borough councilor region 2.

“We are delighted with the level of support we have received from citizens who gave an Option Longueuil a clear mandate to represent them on the various comities and commissions of the city of Longueuil to put forth their concerns”, said Wade Wilson.

Citzens in Greenfield Park sent a clear message: we are tired of people placing our interest last.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us and we are up for the challenge”, declared Perter Doonan.