Sunday, November 5th: a real OPTION for Longueuil, Sadia Groguhé as mayor!

We are currently in the final right of the election campaign that will lead us this Sunday, November 5th, to have a real OPTION for LONGUEUIL. On Monday, the work of the new administration will begin to give Longueuil to its citizens and begin the process of decentralization of powers accumulated at the Mayor’s Office so that all the boroughs have their say.

Fortunately for the citizens, the choice does not have to be between more of the same. Deprived of a real alternative for several years, during the municipal election of November 5th, Longueuil will finally have an option. Option Longueuil offers citizens a realistic program that focuses on their real needs and turns the page on the vicious fratricidal quibbles and conflicts of personalities who have so often put the citizens of this city second.

In the meantime, Option Longueuil’s candidates will continue to meet with citizens on the ground. Option Longueuil is counting on a strong, equal team between men and women, led by Longueuil mayoral candidate Sadia Groguhé.

The priorities of the next Groguhé administration are those demanded by the citizens during our meetings and consultations:

  1. A city that is truly responsive to citizens and respects the identity of the boroughs;
  2. To give itself the means of its ambitions on the economic level and infrastructures;
  3. To create a safe and innovative environment;
  4. To invest in social and community development.

« It was a very busy and rewarding campaign, and over the last few months, I’ve been able to meet citizens from all over Longueuil, talk to them and see that more than ever, what they want is elected officials who manage money responsibly according to the real priorities of citizens, while treating them with respect regardless of their borough », said Sadia Groguhé, the next Mayor of Longueuil.

In the light of our meetings with the citizens, one thing is clear, on November 5th, there will be several choices, but only one OPTION for LONGUEUIL!